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My name is Danny Francoeur and I am currently accepting students that want to learn how to play the guitar! If you are looking for Seattle Guitar Lessons, look no further.

If you want to learn Blues, Rock, Classical, or Jazz let’s start our Guitar Lessons!

Enjoy patient and fun Guitar Lessons with a Guitar Teacher who understands you

During our Guitar Lessons I will teach you exercises that will strengthen and develop your skills as a player, increase your scale and chord knowledge, and help you develop your own voice as a guitar player.  I offer both half hour and hour long private guitar lessons. Contact Me

Join a community of guitar players in Seattle

Teaching guitar lessons is my primary focus, I have dedicated my career and education to developing my craft.

  • I have 12 years training under professional guitarists
  • 15 years experience as a Private Guitar Teacher.
  • A Bachelors degree in Music from the University of Washington.
  • Experience playing in Classical, Rock, Blues, and Jazz.

Reviews from Dan’s Students

Mark HarperMark Harper
22:57 01 Aug 23
I am someone with very little natural musical talent but, I long had a desire to find a new creative outlet and learn acoustic guitar. I am happy to report that Dan has actually turned me into a guitarist. I have been with Dan for some time now - I appreciate the smart, thoughtful and supportive path to not only learning to strum favorite songs but also gaining a real understanding and appreciation of the instrument and music. I now have Dan onboard for weekly sessions with my teenage daughter as well. She loves her weekly sessions with Dan and am sure she will soon surpass her Dad
Breck WilmotBreck Wilmot
20:57 18 Apr 23
Learning guitar from Dan has been fantastic. He's challenged me to improve my technique and overall musicality, and he approaches every session with enthusiasm and an appreciation for my specific goals. 11 stars out of 10!
Bridget SevignyBridget Sevigny
16:38 20 Sep 22
As an 8th grader our son mentioned wanting to learn guitar and as a (hopefully) savvy mom I immediately went looking for an instructor. I was anticipating future days of teenaged angst; I was not anticipating a pandemic.Dan has been such a great instructor for our son. Adapting to the curveballs of life and our kid: a shift from acoustic to electric; a move from in-person to virtual; a change of musical preferences; support through a learning plateau.Our son is now a Senior in high school and picks up his guitar daily to be ready for his weekly guitar lesson with Dan.
Gary YeeGary Yee
18:18 13 Dec 20
Dan's helped me grow a lot as an acoustic guitarist since starting as a beginner a couple of years ago. He's helped me form good practice habits, tackle songs I didn't think I could play, improvise blues licks, and pick up a bit of music theory. Dan's friendly, knowledgable, and encouraging - I highly recommend him as a guitar teacher!
K CampbellK Campbell
16:09 22 Mar 19
I've been taking guitar lessons from Dan for about 2 1/2 years now and I couldn't be happier with the quality of his instruction. He really understands that learning an instrument, and music in general, is more just than just learning technical proficiency but all about learning a new language, which requires a very holistic approach to teaching. Dan does an excellent job of providing me with the tools to improve my technical ability, understand music theory, and read music, all of which has made me a much more well rounded musician. He also does a terrific job of structuring his teaching around your musical interests, influences, and ambitions. I would recommend him to beginner, intermediate, and advanced musicians alike.

Take your first steps

I think the main purpose for taking Guitar Lessons is to have fun. Studying music can be a challenging and daunting experience. As a Guitar Teacher I strive to make our Guitar Lessons as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. And I design my lessons to meet your goals while helping you set up a great foundation of basic knowledge and techniques.

Lessons designed for you!

If you are hoping to read music, learn tons of chords and scales, play through classical pieces, or even just jam some rock tunes I can help you.  I push my students to not only know how to play a song or piece but to understand how it works as well.  Let’s start strumming! Contact Me

Embark on a musical adventure

As a Seattle Guitar Teacher I have worked with children and retired adults. I love the diverse ages and interesting people I get to work with. My private guitar lessons are all about building proper technique, developing reading skills, learning songs, improvising, songwriting, ear training, music theory, relaxing and having fun.

Guitar Lessons for All Experience & Comfort Levels

My lessons are designed to be fun and relaxed.

I tailor my guitar teaching to everyone’s individual needs. I love teaching guitar lessons so lets get started!  Enjoy some Seattle Guitar Lessons.  Feel free to Contact Me through email or phone.

I believe that everyone has music inside them and I am here to help you find it.

I teach all styles of guitar. I can teach acoustic, classical and electric guitar lessons. I also work on finger-style or flat picking with my students. Some students want to focus on just learning songs while others want to be rock stars! I can help get you going on both.

Dan Playing Live
Dan is a professional musician who not only enjoys teaching King County guitar lessons but also enjoys performing live in Seattle and other parts of Washington State.